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Health & Wellness Institute is proud to offer our visitors access to an extensive Health Concerns database our new addition:


Health Concerns Info delivers a world of health information at your fingertips.  We've provided several ways to search the Health Concerns Information.  To start searching today visit www.healthconcernsinfo.com or use the quick links below: 

Additional information and links:
  • Health Conditions - Health and Wellness treats a variety of health conditions.  Visit this area to read more on Health Conditions
  • Integrative Cancer Therapy - At Health & Wellness Institute we offer an integrative approach to cancer therapy.  Visit this area to read more on Integrative Cancer Therapy.
  • Chelation Therapy - Chelation Therapy ..is it natural?  Visit to read more about Chelation Therapy.
  • Intravenous Therapy - Intravenous therapy is becoming more popular in cancer treatment. This form of therapy focuses on nutritional replacement, anticancer action, chelation and detoxification. Visit to read more about Intravenous Therapy.

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