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Books written by Dr. John Catanzaro

Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorders
by:  Dr. John Catanzaro

Book Review
This booklet provides information on the natural approach to Attention Deficit Disorder. Dr. Catanzaro writes in simple language. The booklet is a primer and has some valuable insights. To order a copy you may e-mail jenncatanzaro@hwifc.com  


Cancer An Integrative Approach
by:  Dr. John Catanzaro

Editorial Reviews

Joesph E. Pizzarno, Jr., N.D., Founding President of Bastyr University
"Dr. Catanzaro's work provides an excellent introduction to the wellness and health issues related to cancer...."

Book Description

A natural approach to balancing the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of cancer patients.

Discussion of risk factors and causes; cancer detection tests; options of alternative and conventional treatments for cancer; best foods, vitamins, and exercises for the cancer patient; cancer resources and product information.

A positive and informative focus on choices for people who are coping with cancer and want the best quality of life for their whole person.

From the Publisher
Dr. Catanzaro believes in an integrative approach to help cancer patients make the right decisions about their health. In this book, he gently and graciously conveys the information that can be the difference between love and bitterness, hope and despair, life and death. A beneficial resource for all people of all ages, whether they have cancer or not. A warm approach to a devastating disease.

From the Author
"My role as a physician is to educate and instruct and give my patients the tools that they need to make the best informed health care choice possible.

Knowledge is truly power in the sense that it dispels ignorance. Explaining risks and benefits of a given therapy, whether convention or alternative, is essential.

The best approach, however, is the integrated one: combining the best that both worlds of alternative therapy and conventional treatment have to offer.

That's an easy statement to make in general terms because the challenge begins when you begin to search out the best therapy for your particular cancer.

It takes work and the assistance of trusted experts, family members, and friends. You don't fight this battle alone and that is what this book is all about."

Top picks in health books:

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PDR for Herbal Medicines
(NEW!) 800 pages; hard cover

The PDR for Herbal Medicines from Medical Economics provides the most comprehensive resource on Herbal Medicines ever published.  It organized to help you find information quickly and easily.  The PDR for Herbal Medicines is fully indexed by botanical name, common name, indications, therapeutic category and potential side effects.
The PDR for Herbal Medicines puts all the information you need into one convenient resource. It encompasses the work done b y the German Commission E, the German Federal Authority’s assessment of herbal efficacy (German equivalent of the FDA) and the work of Dr. Joerg Gruenwald, a world renowned and preeminent authority on herbal medicines.  Each entry in The PDR for Herbal Medicines contains: the herb’s scientific and common name, discussion of pharmacological effects, indications and usage, warnings, precautions, contraindications and interactions, adverse reactions, administration and typical dosage and complete description of the herbal remedy. There are also hundreds of full color pictures of the herbs in there natural habitats

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OPC In Practice
Bert Schwitters in Collaboration with Prof. Jack Masquelier
156 pages; hard cover

The "OPC in Practice" book bring you the true story of oligomeric proanthocyanidins and their beneficial role in premature aging, cardiovascular protection and many other seemingly unrelated conditions caused by free radicals.
Explains OPC's beneficial role in:
   Circulatory Disorders
   Cerebral Failure
   Cardiovascular Protection

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Super Immunity for Kids
Leo Galland, M.D. 315
soft cover

Super Immunity for Kids explains to parents how to feed their children so they can stay healthy, maintain peak disease-fighting capacity, and conquer illness most efficiently. Using optimum nutrition and selected supplements, this unique program provides special requirements for infants, toddlers, school-age kids and teens.
Nutrition advice for pregnant mothers What breast milk can do for your baby How to introduce your baby to nutritious solid foods The super nourished toddler- vitamins, minerals and a toddler meal plan Signs of nutritional deficiency- stomachaches, infections, allergies, behavioral problems How to fight junk-food junkies Special nutritional needs of adolescents- facts about obesity, acne and osteoporosis A delicious assortment of recipes, including snacks, soups, breakfasts and much more.

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The Healing Power of Herbs
Michael Murray, N.D.
soft cover

This is a carefully researched book on Botanical medicine.  Dr. Murray brings you the latest in scientific findings about the power and efficiency of medicinal plants. Dr. Murray is one of the leading researchers and lecturers in the field of natural medicine.
Description, Chemical composition, History, Pharmacology, Clinical application, Dosage and Toxicity information for 37 common medicinal plants
Herbs for:

Asthma � Hayfever � Immune System Enhancement � Bladder infections � Diabetes � Herpes � Menopause � Cardiovascular Health � Mental Health � Insomnia

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Herbal Prescriptions For Better Health
Donald Brown, N.D. Director
Natural Products Research Consultants
soft cover

Comprehensive introduction to various types of herbal medicine � Detailed description of 18 of the most frequently recommended herbs � Herbal and Vitamin treatments for dozens of health conditions including:
Cold and Flu � Hay fever � Anxiety � Depression � Acne and other skin conditions � Infertility � Asthma � Arthritis � Poor Circulation � Diabetes � Digestive Complaints � Yeast Infections � PMS and Menopausal Symptoms � Migraine Headache � Memory Loss � Varicose Veins � High Blood Pressure.

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Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements
Michael Murray, N.D. 563
soft cover

Complete guide to health and healing with vitamins, minerals and other supplements �
In-depth straight forward descriptions explain the healing properties of over 60 different nutritional supplements � Health conditions that each supplement can improve � Quick reference guide for specific health conditions � Explains the principles of natural medicine and outlines the application through safe and effective use of herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet and nutrition.

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Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
Michael Murray, N.D.Joseph Pizzorno, N.D.
soft cover

Learn how to use herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, diet and nutritional supplements safely and effectively � Extensive discussion of treatments for over seventy problems from asthma to obesity, ear infections to Depression, migraines to hypertension � Comprehensive information on maintaining good health, preventing illness, and treating disease naturally and safely � easy to understand format � Explains the principles of natural medicine and outlines the application and effective use of herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet and nutrition.

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Power Healing
Leo Galland, M.D.
soft cover

Dr. Leo Galland, along with Doctors Bernie Siegel and Andrew Weil, has been a pioneer in the emerging field of integrated medicine, which combines the best of alternative and conventional treatments. He is also a renowned medical detective, successfully curing patients whose illnesses have defied prior diagnosis and treatment.
In Power Healing, Dr. Galland shares his breakthrough medical philosophy and program of healing, developed over the course of three decades of education and practice. He explains how you can apply four healing strategies that will help your body restore its own rightful balance and health: 1) build healthy relationships - community is the most powerful healing force; 2) create a customized prescription for diet, rest, and exercise; 3) purify your external environment; and 4) detoxify your internal environment to help your body protect and cleanse itself Included for the first time in this edition is a dynamic new questionnaire Dr. Galland has created to help you hone in on your medical priorities.

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Reversing Asthma
Richard Firshein, D.O.
pages; soft cover

"The most comprehensive, yet understandable, resource I have seen on the natural medicine treatment of asthma. As a physician and lifelong asthma sufferer, Dr. Firshein provides unusually insightful guidance for those wanting to reestablish their health through the artful combination of lifestyle advice, herbs, nutritional supplements, and, when appropriate, drugs."-Joseph E. Pizzomo, N.D., president of Bastyr University,
Dr. Richard Firshein is one of the most influential and respected asthma specialists in the country-a physician whose interest in the disease come from his own battle with it as a patient.  In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Firshein offers asthma sufferers the program he developed for his own use and has prescribed with extraordinary success to his patients; the program that challenges old ideas about asthma and dramatically cuts the use of drugs for asthma.

Topics include:
How changing-and often eliminating medication can reduce asthma symptoms � How your diet may be aggravating an asthma condition, and how new allergy tests can help you change it � How to asthma-proof your home and office environment � How to choose the best therapies for children � When to try alternative methods such as acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis, and biofeedback � The benefits and importance of a thorough nutritional analysis � When supplements can help-everything from vitamin C and magnesium to ginkgo and garlic.

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Robert Crayhon, M.S. Author of Robert Crayhon's Nutrition Made Simple

"The road to optimal health is paved with carnitine, and who better to introduce this amazing nutrient to the country than Robert Crayhon, America's Nutrition Teacher!" - Richard A. Kunin, M.D., author of Mega-Nutrition and President of the Society for Orthomolecular Health-Medicine

By reading this book, you will learn how to:
lose weight: Increase energy: lower cholesterol and triglycerides : Maximize heart health :treat a wide range of problems, including PMS, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and many ailments

The Carnitine Miracle contains many case histories that will get you excited about the power of carnitine and the carnitine Program to promote weight loss and over all health.  It also contains all the practical information you need to make a transition to healthier eating easy and enjoyable.
Simply put this book is a hands-on guide of how to get maximal body heath. Such an ambitious heath program could only come out of an approach centered carnitine, a nutrient with a remarkably wide range of heath benefits. The carnitine miracle is written in crayons engaging and direct style that will make incorporating the benefits of carnitine and the carnitine program easy and simple to do.

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Third Line Medicine
Melvyn R. Werback 220 pages; soft cover

Current medical practice provides two lines of care:  First Line Medicine, the basic care provided bypnimaryphysicians, and Second Line Medicine, for sophisticated, specialized treatment. When these fail, patients have been left with two options:  living with their symptoms, or exploring alternative medicine. Now there is a third option. Third Line Medicine counters the compartmentalization of specialty care by providing an integrated approach which includes both orthodox and alternative treatments - thus offering new hope to the chronically ill and a new direction for modern medicine.
'This is a balanced and sensible book ... Doctors and patients alike who ignore its message do so at their peril.' - Dr Julian N. Kenyon, Director, Center for the Study of Alternative Therapies
'A valuable contribution to our understanding of contemporary health issues.' - Marlivn Ferguson.

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Naturopathic Handbook Of Herbal Formulas
A Practical and Concise Herb User's Guide
220 pages;
soft cover

Completely Revised 4th Edition!
A handy reference containing a wealth of helpful botanical information, this revised edition once again provides distilled material on healing plants and plant compounds.

This book:
Explains the important differences between synthetic medicines and whole plant extracts on the human physiology.
Provides a detailed botanical dispensatory guide listing beneficial plant compounds, therapeutic actions, indications, dosages, and contraindications. This section is intended for the professional use of botanical formulas.
Provides a clinical botanical repertory divided into the major systems of the body. Physiological imbalances are listed within each system with proper botanical treatments.
Contains a naturopathic guide to the internal cleansing of the metabolism, digestion, and elimination processes.
Contains botanical protocols for gynecological, immediate type hypersensitivity, and stress-related disorders, initiating a quarterly research journal called the Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicines, to which you can subscribe.

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The Natural Pharmacy
Authors: Skye W. Uninger, D.C. - Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. - Steve Austin, N.D. - Donald J. Brown, N.D. - Alan R. Gaby, M.D. Additional Contributors: Eric Yarnell, N.D. - Ronald G. Reichert, N.D. - Tori Hudson, N.D.   Shane McCamey Victoria Dolby - Rick WilkesSoft cover

Imagine being able to have the worlds most respected natural health experts talk to you about your health concerns.  Now, with this extraordinary book, you can!  In this one volume, some of the world's most highly regarded clinical practitioners in the field have teamed together to offer timely, practical, and fully integrated advice on treating troublesome conditions the natural way.
Inside you will find complete coverage of the most common conditions, together with useful guidance on how to treat them. In addition, this essential reference gives you up-to-date, fully referenced, reliable information on a world of supplements that can improve your health. Clearly, The Natural Pharmacy is your most trusted guide to conditions, supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies.
"Natural therapies have long been recognized not only for their usefulness in disease prevention, but as treatment for a multitude of medical conditions. A handful of doctors including the authors of this fine reference book-have pioneered the use of natural therapies. The Natural Pharmacy will facilitate the acceptance of these beneficial natural therapies and give readers a useful road map as they join us on "the road less traveled."-Julian Whitaker, M.D., author of Dr. Whitaker's Guide to Natural Healing.

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John R.Lee M.D. with Virginia Hopkins
380 pages; soft cover

Pre-menopausal symptoms, endometriosis, weight gain, low sex drive, fibrocystic breasts, heart disease, and osteoporosis-most women will experience these or other hormone-related problems. And today, millions of women concerned about aging must decide whether or not to undergo synthetic hormone replacement therapy and suffer its side effects and increased risks of cancer.
But there is revolutionary news about completely safe, natural Progesterone, the only hormone supplement women may need as they age. The exciting clinical findings from its use were first spread by word of mouth, then in a groundbreaking book written by acclaimed California physician John R. Lee. Now, in this expanded and completely updated edition, Dr. Lee brings you lifesaving facts that even your doctor may not know about Premarin, Provera, and other HRT drugs; gives you an easy-to-follow nonprescription "Hormone Balance" program; and tells you how to stay energized, strong, sexually vigorous, and free from "female problems" before menopause, during the menopausal years, and beyond.
"John lee has pioneered work in women's health, that has greatly influenced and enhanced the way I practice medicine."- Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of women's bodies, women's wisdom.
JOHN R. LEE, M.D., is the author of Natural Progesterone. Recently retired from private practice after thirty years, he now teaches medical professionals and lay audiences about hormone balance and health.

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Medicinal Herbal Therapy
Steven G.Ottariano, R.Ph
200 pages; soft cover

New Choices in Drug-Free Remedies:  Natural Healing from Medicinal Herbs
"Consumer demand for natural medicine is at an unprecedented level. Herbs represent the fastest growing segment f sales in the mainstream marketplace today.
This handbook provides much-needed information on some of the leading herbs in the market to help pharmacists deal with the exploding consumer demand for information on the responsible use of herbal dietary supplements.
Consumers also need this book, as they will benefit immensely from its wealth of valuable, well-researched, and readily applied information!" - Mark Blumenthal, Executive Director, Editor and Publisher of HerbalGram, Founder and Executive Director of the American Botanical Council, Austin, TX
"Mr. Ottariano has produced an outstanding book that will be of interest to nearly all physicians and pharmacists. It is the best book I have seen on this topic. It should be in all medical libraries, pharmacies and doctors' offices." - Errol Green, M.D., R.Ph., FACEP, Assistant Chief of Emergency Medicine, New England Medical Center, Boston, MA
"Two years ago, after having lupus for 20 years, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Steve came into my life and changed it forever. His herbal therapy enabled me to get through chemotherapy and has built up my immune system. Thanks to Steve, I am living and enjoying life again."- -Barbara Simoneau, Londonderry, NH

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